Camps & Farms


 THROUGH PROPERTY: This is a beautiful camp owned by Ed and Karla Bowen, Realtors. This camp is located in the Pictured Rocks National Park buffer zone about 10 miles west of Grand Marais. It is a lease with a timber company and they have given us permission to sell it. It goes back into the 1890's and there are several pines trees 3-4 feet in diameter. It is off of a two track trail about one mile from a county road. $35,000 FLEXMLS 18-1111  (CF-160)

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SOLD! NEW LISTING! 40 ACRE CAMP WITH NEW CABIN.  This camp is located about nine miles south of Grand Marais  off of M-77 on Sigan Camp Rd.  Sigan Camp Road is not plowed in the winter and there is no electric.  There is a generator.  The woods is beautiful.  The interior of the house is built like furniture. It is sold furnished. $100,000 (CF-161) (FLEXMLS 19-466)


SOLD! NEW LISTING: 20 ACRES WITH A SMALL CAMP/SHACK. This property is off of H-58 ten miles west of Grand Marais.  The road is not plowed in the winter and there is no electric. the camp has a toilet room, a downstairs double bed, a kitchen and a living room.  The building is small, 8 feet by 25 feet for a square footage of 200 feet.  There is a loft with a double bed.  There is a propane space heater and a generator.  There are two windows with double panes and screens. $29,500. (C-163)